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Exchange on Aptos

Safe trading platform for everyone
$0.00Balance: 1,000
$0.00Balance: 1,000
1 CELL = $0.00

The First ve(3,3) Dex on Aptos Network

How It Works

Step 1

Lock CELL Token and Receive veNFT

Lock CELL for up to 2 years to receive a veNFT that holds vote-escrowed CELL (veCELL). The longer the lock, the more veCELL you receive.

Step 2

Use veCELL to Vote
for Liquidity Pools

veCELL gives you the power to decide which pools should receive CELL emissions.

Step 3

Receive Incentives
and Trading Fees

Voting for a pool lets you claim a share of the weekly incentives and trading fees.


Allocated in
Allocated in

The initial distribution of 1 billion $CELL will be allocated in the form of $CELL and $veCELL as following:
IDO = Fair Launch = $0.005

$CELLNumber of Tokens% of Total SupplyVesting term
Voter incentives50,000,0005.00%100% TGE
Fair Launch80,000,0008.00%
  • 25% at TGE in $CELL
  • 25% $veCELL unlocked after 3 months
  • 25% $veCELL unlocked after 6 months
  • 25% $veCELL unlocked after 9 months
Initial Liquidity50,000,0005.00%100% TGE
$veCELLNumber of Tokens% of Total SupplyVesting term
Airdrop for Users200,000,00020.00%Locked for 2 years
Ecosystem Grant170,000,00017.00%Locked for 1 year
Team150,000,00015.00%Locked for 2 years
  • 50% unlocked after 3 months
  • 50% unlocked after 6 months
Protocol150,000,00015.00%Locked for 2 years

Token Emissions

Each epoch, $CELL emissions are distributed to liquidity pools proportionally to the $veCELL voting power the pools receive.

Initial weekly emission
Decay rate

$CELL Supply and Emission Schedule

Weekly Emissions
Total Supply


Q1 2024 Testnet Campaign
Implementing airdrop campaign
Partnering with protocols on Aptos Ecosystem
IDO on top launchpad
Public sale on Cellana
Launching Mainnet
Initial listing
Q2 2024 Improving UI/UX design
veNFT trading
CEX listing
IDO on top launchpad
Expand the partnership
Launchpad accelerator
Adding more Liquidity Pools
Q3 2024 Integrate DEX Aggregator
Expert trading mode testing
Concentrated liquidity
Improving UI/UX design
Q4 2024 Top CEX listing
Expert trading mode
Auto-compounding mode
Fiat on/off-ramp
Bot Notification
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